Dredge Hose – Floating, Suction and Dredge Types for Functional Applications

Compared with sandblasting hose, which has smaller diameters for derusting, the dredge hose has large diameter which ranges from 6" to 36". It is widely used for seawater, sand and other materials dredging in various applications.

Dredge hose has similar structure with other suction and discharge hoses, which contains inner layer, reinforced layer and outer layer.

  • Inner layer. Black and smooth synthetic rubber for abrasion and wear resistance and clogging resistance.
  • Reinforcement layer. Cord thread and steel spiral wire for high tensile strength and kinking resistance.
  • Outer layer. Smooth or corrugated synthetic rubber for wear and abrasive resistance. Additional, it has excellent weather and chemical resistance performance in corrosive environments.

According to the structure and function, the dredge hose has slightly different structure, they can be divided into three types:

Floating dredge hose

Two floating dredge hose with orange reminding strips and red flange on the white background.
Floating dredge hose features self-floating on the water.


  • Inner layer. high quality wear and abrasion resistant rubber.
  • Reinforcement layer. Several layers of cord threads and spiral wire reinforcement.
  • Filling layer. It is particularly designed for the floating dredge hose. It is filled with PEF (polyethylene foaming). It can support the dredge hose floating on the water.
  • Outer layer. High quality SBR rubber and other synthetic rubber material.


  • Special design for self-floating performance on the seawater.
  • Synthetic rubber material is highly resistant against weathering, UV ,salty and ozone.
  • Smooth SBR inner rubber supplies wear resistance and no-plugging performance.
  • Small bending radius. In working condition, the bending angle is from 0° to 45°.
  • Working temperature ranges form -25 °C to 80 °C.
  • Safety factor: 4:1.


The floating dredge hose is connected with floating dredge hoses through rubber or steel flange. It is widely used for port and dock discharging of seawater, slit, sand and other dredging applications.

Common Specifications of Floating Dredge Hose
Item Inner Diameter Working Pressure Mini. Tube Thickness Mini. Cover Thickness Length
in. mm bar mm mm m
FDH-01 8 200 15–20 10 4 11.8
FDH-02 10 250 15–20 10 4 11.8
FDH-03 12 300 15–20 10 4 11.8
FDH-04 16 400 15–20 12 5 11.8
FDH-05 20 500 15–20 12 5 11.8
FDH-06 24 600 15–20 20 5 11.8
FDH-07 26 650 15–20 25 5 11.8
FDH-08 30 750 15–20 30 6 11.8
FDH-09 32 800 15–20 32 6 11.8
FDH-10 34 850 15–20 32 6 11.8
Note: 900 mm and 1200 mm inner diameter floating dredge hoses can be customized.

Suction dredge hose

A piece of corrugated suction dredge hose with plastic film package on the ground.
Suction dredge hose features steel rings for reinforcement and anti-bending.

Suction dredge hose features a corrugates surface because of the special structure.


  • Inner structure. black, smooth, SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) or NR (Natural Rubber) with good abrasion and laceration resistance.
  • Reinforcement layer. It is composed of high tensile synthetic cord threads, spiral wires and steel rings. It can improve the anti-bending performance and increase the rubber hose strength.
  • Outer layer. black, corrugated synthetic rubber. It has excellent resistant performance to sea water, weathering, traces of oils and abrasion.

Advantages of suction dredge hose

  • Excellent synthetic rubber for wear, abrasion, weather, seawater and oil resistance.
  • Reinforced helix steel wire supplies excellent kink resistant performance.
  • Smooth and abrasion resistant inner rubber help to prevent clogs and avoid damage from the abrasive materials passing through.
  • Ideal for working temperature ranges form -25 °C to +80 °C.
  • Safety factor: 3:1.


Suction dredge hose is designed for slit conveyance dredging operations. Flexible corrugated hose used as a mobile connection among the suction ducts on dredgers (sleeves). It is built with steel rings and used for the suction of water, mud and dredging debris.

Common Specifications of Suction Dredge Hose
Item Inner Diameter Working Pressure Mini. Tube Thickness Mini. Cover Thickness Length
in. mm bar mm mm m
SDH-01 12 300 10–35 10 4 1–11.8
SDH-02 16 400 10–35 12 5 1–11.8
SDH-03 20 500 10–35 12 5 1–11.8
SDH-04 24 600 10–35 20 5 1–11.8
SDH-05 26 650 10–35 25 5 1–11.8
SDH-06 30 750 10–35 30 6 1–11.8
SDH-07 32 800 10–35 32 6 1–11.8
SDH-08 34 850 10–35 32 6 1–11.8

Discharge dredge hose

Several discharge dredge hose with red line flange are piled on the ground.
Discharge dredge hose features excellent stiffness and stable character.

The discharge dredge hose is designed for port and dock discharging of seawater, sand and other dredging materials. It features excellent stiffness and stable character.

  • Inner layer. Smooth and black synthetic abrasive resistant rubber. Additional, it can prevent clogging.
  • Reinforcement layer. Cord threads and spiral wires. It supplies high tensile strength and kink resistant performance.
  • Outer layer. Black and smooth synthetic rubber contributes to wear, abrasion, weather, seawater and other chemical corrosion resistance performance.


  • Excellent stiffness.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Abrasion and wear resistance.
  • Kink resistance.
  • Clogging resistance.
  • Working temperature: -25 °C to +80 °C.
  • Safety factor: 3:1.
Common Specifications of Discharge Dredge Hose
Item Inner Diameter Working Pressure Bursting Pressure Min. Tube Thickness Min. Cover Thickness Length
in. mm bar bar mm mm m
DDH-01 12 305 25 62.5–75 14 4 1–11.8
DDH-02 16 406 25 62.5–75 18 5 1–11.8
DDH-03 20 508 25 62.5–75 20 5 1–11.8
DDH-04 24 610 25 62.5–75 25 5 1–11.8
DDH-05 26 660 25 62.5–75 25 5 1–11.8
DDH-06 30 760 25 62.5–75 30 6 1–11.8
DDH-07 32 810 25 62.5–75 32 6 1–11.8
DDH-08 34 860 25 62.5–75 32 6 1–11.8

Advantages of dredge hose

The dredge hose features high strength, and flexibility. it is abrasion and wear resistant to ensure the long service life. The rubber hose has excellent salty, weather and other chemical resistance performance to ensure the good performance in the corrosive environments. Flange connection method makes it easy for installing and replacing.

Applications of dredge hose

The dredge hose is used for the engineering of waterway clean-ups, dredging, pumping sand, land reclamation, port expansion, and other mud or mortar conveying operations.

A line of dredge hose with yellow floating is dredging sand into water.
Dredge hose for sand dredging.
A dredger is dredging sludge with dredge hose.
Dredge hose for dredging.
A dredge hose is pouring sand into sea and a machine is grading sand.
Dredge hose is used for land reclamation.
Several dredge hoses in the water and a port at the short distance.
Dredge hose is used for port expansion.

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