Product List of Dredge Suction and Discharge Hose

Fire sleeve is a commonly used fire safety equipment, mainly used to protect wires and cables in flammable and explosive environments from fire damage.

Flexible composite suction and discharge hoses include SST composite hose and GGP composite hose. Both are suitable for transporting corrosive chemical fluids.

Water rubber hose features anti-bending, wear and abrasion resistance to be used for sucking and discharging industrial waters.

Sandblasting hose, made of high quality rubber and fabric or steel reinforcement is wear and abrasion resistance for derusting, sand reclamation and other applications.

Oil Rubber hose, a flexible and strong hose for suction, discharge and delivery of gasoline, engine oil, lubricating oil and other mineral oil.

Dredge hose in large diameter with floating, suction and discharging types are widely used for seawater, sand and other materials dredging.

Garden hose, rubber or PVC types is temperature and UV resistance to be used in garden, farmland, families and factories for irrigating and washing.

Dredge suction and discharge hose is mainly used for sand, slurry, seawater and sewage delivery for its abrasion and corrosion resistant tube.

Gravel suction and discharge hose is mainly used for gravel transport ship to deliver gravels thanks to its abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber tube.

Slurry suction and discharge hose is mainly used for river, lake and sea cleaning to deliver slurry because of its abrasion resistant tube.

Sewage suction and discharge hose is mainly used to suck, deliver and discharge sewage because of its corrosion resistant tube.

Flood discharge hose has solid structure because of its high tensile reinforcement, so it is widely used for flood discharge in many places.

Port and dock construction hose has excellent flexibility and can be connected to pipeline tightly. It is more and more popular in port and dock construction.