Oil Rubber Hose – Low Abrasion Loss and High Safety Factor

A machine and several workers is placing the oil rubber hose on the boat.
ORH-01: Oil rubber hose is widely used for deliver oil in the wharf.

Oil rubber hose, also called rubber fuel oil hose, flexible reinforced oil hose, fuel oil discharge hose, is a type of flexible hose for suction, discharge and delivery of oil with aromatic content. Compared with water rubber hose, the oil rubber hose has inserted copper wire for ground connection and eliminating static electricity.

The inner and outer rubber material has excellent oil, abrasion and wear resistance performance. Additional, it has up to 60% aromatic content resistant performance for heavy duty applications.

Besides, the oil rubber hose can be customized into armoured hose or added with steel spiral wires to improve the abrasion resistance performance and extend service life.

Structure of oil rubber hose

  • Inner layer. NBR rubber (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber).
  • Reinforcement layer. The reinforcement layer is composed of three parts. One layer is cord thread or fabric cloth. The second layer is steel helix wire. The second is inserted copper steel wire.
  • Outer layer. NBR rubber (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber).
  • Optional. customized armoured hose. Rubber hose can be added the woven steel fabric sleeve armoured layer.

Surface of oil rubber hose

  • Flat surface.
  • Corrugated surface.
A roll of oil rubber hose is packed on the ground with flat surface.
ORH-02: Flat surface oil rubber hose.
A large and a small oil rubber hose on the ground with one lying and the other standing.
ORH-03: Corrugated surface oil rubber hose.

Advantages of oil rubber hose

  • Inserted copper wire design. Inserted copper wire is used for ground connection and eliminating static electricity.
  • Spiral wire in the reinforcement layer. It can improve the anti-bending performance and strengthen the hose structure and extend service life.
  • Spiral wire reinforcement added on the outside. Spiral wire reinforcement can be added to the rubber hose to improve abrasion and wear resistance and extend the service life of oil rubber hose.
  • Customized armoured hose. It plays same function with spiral wire reinforcement to reduce abrasion and extend service life.
  • 60% aromatic content resistance. The rubber material can supplies up to 60% aromatic content resistant performance for more applications.
  • Flange connection. Flange connection make it easy to assemble and dismantle of oil rubber hose in different applications.
A oil rubber hose on the ground and we can see the inserted copper wires clearly.
ORH-04: Inserted copper wire for ground connection.
Several oil rubber hoses with armoured cover on the ground.
ORH-05: Customized armoured hose can improve abrasion resistance performance.
Several oil rubber hose with spiral wire sleeves on the ground.
ORH-06: Spiral wire sleeve can protect rubber hose from abrasion and extend service life.
Several oil rubber hoses on the ground with flange on the both ends.
ORH-07: Flange connection is convenient for install and uninstall.

Specifications of oil rubber hose

  • Material: NBR rubber, steel wire helix and copper wire.
  • Connection method: flange.
  • Working temperature: -40 °C to +100 °C (-40 °F to 212 °F).
  • Rubber hose protection measure: armoured hose or PVC & steel spiral wire sleeve.
Common Specifications of Oil Rubber Hose
Item Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Maximum Length
in. mm in. mm m ft.
OWHS-01 5/8 16 1.06 27 120 400
OWHS-02 3/4 19 1.18 30 120 400
OWHS-03 1 25 1.38 35 120 400
OWHS-04 1-3/16 30 1.60 40.5 120 400
OWHS-05 1-1/4 32 1.69 43 120 400
OWHS-06 1-1/2 38 1.95 49.5 120 400
OWHS-07 1-37/64 40 1.97 50 120 400
OWHS-08 1-49/64 45 2.17 55 120 400
OWHS-09 1-31/32 50 2.58 65.5 120 400
OWHS-10 2 51 2.48 63 120 400
OWHS-11 2-3/8 60 2.82 71.5 120 400
OWHS-12 2-1/2 63.5 3.07 78 120 400
OWHS-13 2-61/64 75 3.55 90 120 400
OWHS-14 3 76 3.51 89 120 400
OWHS-15 3-35/64 90 4.06 103 120 400
OWHS-16 3-15/16 100 4.57 116 120 400
OWHS-17 4 102 4.53 115 120 400
OWHS-18 6 152 6.90 175 60 200
OWHS-19 8 203 8.86 225 60 200

Applications of oil rubber hose

Conveying media:
  • Gasoline.
  • Kerosene.
  • Diesel.
  • Oil.
  • Lubricating oil.
  • Other mineral oils.
Oil machine:
  • Oil tank truck.
  • Barge.
  • Automobile.
  • Motor vehicles.
  • Other machines.
Usage fields:
  • Wharf.
  • Petro station.
  • Mineral industry.
  • Oil field.
A machine is refueling automobile with oil rubber hose in the oil station.
ORH-08: Oil rubber hose is widely used in gas stations.
Two oil rubber hose lines are placed between two boats on the sea.
ORH-09: Oil rubber hose can be used for conducting refueling operation at Sea.
A oil tank is refueling a plain in the airport and a worker is holding the oil rubber hose.
ORH-10: Oil rubber hose is used for refueling plane.
Two workers are transferring the oil into oil tank truck with oil rubber hose.
ORH-11: Oil rubber hose is used for oil transferring.

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