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Dredge Suction and Discharge Hose with Excellent Kink and Fatigue Resistance

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of high quality and complete dredge suction & discharge hose products. We have many years experience in manufacturing this kind of rubber hose products, and we pay special attention to product quality and after-sale service. So we have made great achievement and won high reputation and trust from our customers.

Dredge Suction & Discharge Hose Structure
Dredge suction & discharge hose is composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover.
Several suction & discharge hoses are on the ground.

Tube is made from synthetic rubber (NR, SBR and BR), making hose resistant to abrasion, corrosion and seawater. So dredge suction and discharge hose works well in delivering abrasive and corrosive materials, such as sand, gravel, slurry, seawater and sewage.


Reinforcement is made from multiple layers of high tensile spiral steel wires, making hose resistant to bending, kink, fatigue. And the reinforcement makes hose suitable for high working pressure environment and have solid structure.


Cover is made from high quality synthetic rubber (NR, SBR and BR), making hose resistant to abrasion, corrosion, weather, ozone, aging and heat. Therefore, dredge suction & discharge hose has a long service life.

Dredge suction & discharge hose is widely used in many industries and it is becoming more and more popular. It has excellent flexibility, and it is easy to install & dismantle. It can be connected to pipeline tightly by flanges. It is resistant to abrasion and corrosion because of its synthetic rubber tube and cover. And it is resistant to kink, bending and fatigue. And it has solid structure thanks to its high tensile spiral steel wires reinforcement. Besides, the service life of dredge suction & discharge hose is very long.

Dredge suction & discharge hose is mainly used for corrosive and abrasive materials delivery, such as sand, slurry, gravel, seawater and sewage. And it is also used for flood discharge and construction of port and dock. Dredge suction & discharge hose can be divided into seven kinds according to its application: gravel suction & discharge hose, slurry suction & discharge hose, sand suction & discharge hose, seawater suction & discharge hose, sewage suction & discharge, flood discharge hose and port & dock construction hose.

Hot Products

Water rubber hose features anti-bending, wear and abrasion resistance to be used for sucking and discharging industrial waters.

Sandblasting hose, made of high quality rubber and fabric or steel reinforcement is wear and abrasion resistance for derusting, sand reclamation and other applications.

Oil Rubber hose, a flexible and strong hose for suction, discharge and delivery of gasoline, engine oil, lubricating oil and other mineral oil.

Dredge hose in large diameter with floating, suction and discharging types are widely used for seawater, sand and other materials dredging.

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